Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why I Save

This morning before going into work I decided to get my oil changed. (You can already tell where this is going, can't you?) I had a coupon for service -- oil change, multipoint inspection, tire rotation.

Alas, during the multipoint inspection, they discovered a problem. Nothing urgent, but it was something the repair dude said I should get taken care of in the next month or so. I went ahead and had it done. I'm driving to my hometown in a few weeks, and when my mother comes back with me, I'll be driving hither and yon to entertain her. I felt it was in my best interest to get the car fixed now and not worry about it later. Besides, it's been a great car. I haven't had many repair issues with it.

Mind you, I was not thrilled to go from what was a $45 job to a $375 job. Before I picked up the car and paid for it, I scheduled the bill payment for the credit card I was going to use. So while the savings balance has taken an unexpected hit this month, I am still on schedule with the debt payment.

This is why I work so hard on my savings. Sure, I could suspend my savings deposits and put that extra toward the debt, but then when stuff like this comes up, I wouldn't have this cushion that allows me to take care of these things without incurring more debt.

There is a method to my madness after all. :-)

P.S. I also bought myself a little treat today. A dress from J.Peterman. Their stuff is always so beautifully made and so distinctive. I've never bought anything from them that I didn't end up loving, and I'm sure this dress won't be an exception. That it was drastically reduced was icing on the cake. And yeah, it's paid for. Rock on.

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Bouncing Back said...

I'm doing the same thing. My car has to go in for an oil change and I hear a little noise that I want looked at.