Friday, September 16, 2016

September 2016

Well. This isn't pretty.

As I mentioned during the last update, there would be some vacation spending. Boy howdy, was there ever. First up was our two-week road trip. That's about 14 days of hotels and meals. And then gas, too. My husband and I pretty fair about things when it comes to the road trips. We tend to alternate the hotel reservations. And we both cover meals and gas. If he's paid for most of the reservation stuff -- airfare, hotel, rental car -- as he did with our recent getaway to Iceland, I pick up the tab for most of the other stuff. (By the way, Iceland ain't cheap. They're really trying to make up for the banking clusterfuck they had a few years ago.)

Anyway, the vacations have definitely put a crimp in my progress. And there's another trip coming in October. At least the tickets for that have already been bought, so there won't be any new charges for that. We're also staying with a friend and she's letting us use her car, so it'll just be food and any shopping we do.

The figures are over there in the margin. Eeesh.