Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 2009 Update

Is it me or is summer zooming by? It's August 1!

OK. Enough small talk. Here are the numbers:

The Savings: $5,194.18
The Debt: $9,659.49

The savings took a nearly $192 hit. The debt is better, though not by as much as it should be since I bought -- and charged -- the boots. It doesn't matter that as soon as they are deemed to be perfect (that is, that they fit) I will be transferring money from savings to pay off the amount charged. Right now, the amount is debt and is thus in the debt column. That's the rule of the monthly update. The numbers reflect what the balances are today, not what they will be tomorrow or in the next two weeks.

Next month the debt picture will look much better. The savings? Eh. I've got some work to do in that department. But right now, the debt is the priority.

Days until I'm debt free: 435

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